Are dirt bike helmets dot approved?

Short answer – yes. Find out why below…

Helmets are a must-have for any dirt bike rider. They provide protection and comfort to the rider. They also have a number of features that make them more functional and safe.

The first step is to determine what type of helmet you need, based on your riding style and the terrain you ride on.

When people go motocross riding, they wear a different kind of helmet than when they’re just riding on the street. Street motorcycle helmets offer protection from the elements but motocross helmets need airflow to maintain comfort.

A street-racing rider needs to stay on the inside of the line in order to see what’s coming. They can’t make it all the way to the outside of the line, because when they get there, they won’t be able to see traffic any more.

Comparing helmets is a form of apples to oranges, but what they all have in common is to protect the rider from injury during a crash and/or collision on their ride.

What does DOT stand for?

The DOT-approved helmets are the safest option as they have been tested and approved to meet the high standards. The DOT is a US Department of Transportation standard that tests the helmet’s ability to protect riders from head injury.

Road DOT approved helmets VS. Offroad Helmets

DOT approved road helmets are the safest helmets out there, but they do not offer as much airflow as an offroad helmet or enduro helmet would. Offroad helmets are lighter, cooler, and offer better ventilation than DOT approved helmets because they aren’t built to withstand high-speed impacts like DOT approved ones.

Enduro helmets offer a balance between these two types of helmets because they still provide some protection while also providing better airflow than DOT approved ones. Motocross riders, BMX riders, and dirt jumpers tend to choose a more motocross-style helmet with minimal padding.

Are all helmets DOT approved?

Due to laws passed in the US, all helmets being sold for use in motorsports need to be certified. Great while they’re designed with rider safety in mind, novelty helmets are still being used and present a serious risk.

Many countries have different safety standards for motocross helmets. Some are U.S. DOT certified, some are approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and some even use a CE approval from European Union Nations (EU).

When you purchase a helmet in the US, it is highly likely that it will be DOT approved, meaning it can be worn on the road. You can check this by looking for an emblem that carries the necessary specs. 

Manufacturing Helmets with Eye Protection in Mind

All motorcycle helmets are activated by either pushing down a visor that blocks the rider’s view or pulling down the full face-covering front assembly.

Motocross helmets do not come with visors, so eye protection is accomplished by sliding over a pair of goggles onto the helmet. If a rider is wearing goggles, the visor is usually pushed up to rest on top of them. 

The FIM requires that all riders must wear a full-face helmet when competing in any sanctioned event beginning with the 2013 season. Further, the FIM has introduced a new safety standard for race helmets which require an impact absorption capability of at least 130g. “We have made this decision because it is our duty to protect racers and fans,” said Michele Annese, FIM Vice President of Technical Regulations and Competition.

Although some of these helmets are not DOT approved, depending on the manufacturers’ country of origin – but must be sanctioned and thoroughly checked by FIM. 

Are dirt bike helmets dot approved? Wrapping Up:

Motocross helmets are designed with eye protection, breathability and the ability to keep dirt from entering your sight. They are meant to protect you in case of a crash and not damage your beautiful face.

Riding for a long time at 100mph will require the sleek design of street motorcycle helmets, since each helmet is made specifically for your sport’s environment. You should definitely think about your family when it comes to choosing helmets.

So are they? Yes, dirt bike helmets are DOT approved.