Dual Sport Helmets

Best Dual Sport Helmets with Bluetooth


Dual sport helmets with Bluetooth are very rare as manufacturers opt to install this feature on a full street helmet. Most of the time, and the easiest way to have this type of helmet, riders opt to bundle what they buy. Dual sport helmets with separate purchase of a Bluetooth receiver and speaker. It can easily be installed inside the helmet.


But you can’t just buy any helmet and a bluetooth system. Any pair might not be compatible when installed inside the helmet. This we should consider in terms of the size and shape of the bluetooth device. 


This is a very popular bundle (Dual Sport Helmet and Bluetooth Receiver/Speaker) for riders shopping on Amazon. It drastically lowers down the price against buying a helmet with built-in Bluetooth. 

Best of Both Worlds

If you are looking for the look of a dirt bike helmet and the functionality of a full face or modular helmet, a dual sport helmet is for you. While there are folks who spend their time off road riding like single track trail riding or in a motocross track, there are individuals who are also spending time on both worlds – on the dirt and on the road. 

While riding both ways may sound common, why not buy the same helmet? These helmets offer great performance on the street and on the dirt as well. 

There are many street helmets that offer built-in bluetooth function for your phones. There are certain cons on having both on a single helmet. While offroad or MX helmets require lots of ventilation on the other hand, street helmets focus on aerodynamics as the road will let you hit higher speeds. 

As helmet manufacturers continue to innovate their designs based on users’ feedback, a near-perfect type of dual sport helmet with Bluetooth is always on the horizon.

How Do Bluetooth Helmets Work?

Bluetooth sends signals like that of low-powered radio waves. This allows the user to get rid of those annoying cables and wires getting in the way. This functions by controlling thru the external control pad placed commonly on the left side of the helmet. This is designed in order for you to control it without letting go of the motorcycle throttle. 

There are other designs that can be worn on the wrist to control the Bluetooth device inside the helmet. This is for those who prefer not to let go of the handlebars during travels.

Best Dual Sport Helmets with Bluetooth Conclusion:

While there is a lack of available dual sport helmets with Bluetooth in the market today, there is always a way to have one. Based on many riders’ experience, buying separate items of a dual-sport helmet and Bluetooth receiver will not only save you much but can also be a great innovation. 

When looking for your preferred helmet, be always on the right track and ride safe!